Some Solar Panels Are Getting Hot

stolen solar panels photo

Image: Noah Berger for the New York Times

According to the New York Times, solar panels are now hot. Kate Galbraith writes how Glenda Hoffman had sixteen panels vanish from her roof in three separate burglaries. "I have a shotgun right next to the bed and a .22 under my pillow," Ms. Hoffman said.

Keith Hoffman, pictured above, lost 58 panels, which will cost $75,000 to replace, from his office building in Santa Rosa.

palm desert stolen panels photo

Missing panels, Palm Desert.

The president of a solar installation company now recommends video cameras and alarms for their solar arrays. "This is the crime of the future," He says. ::New York Times

In the Times' new blog about green business, Kate Galbraith notes that it could be dangerous:

"Solar panels are high voltage," said Tom McCalmont, president of Regrid Power, a California solar installer who recently lost over $30,000 worth of solar panels to thieves — from his company's own roof. "You're doing something extremely dangerous and could be severely shocked," he said.

That's why most of the thefts happen at night. ::Green Inc
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