Solio Portable Solar Charger


Finally. A way to make your iPod greener (without buying some lint magnetised latex cover!). This pocket-sized gizmo folds out to reveal 3 solar panels. Point them at that big yellow orb in the sky. 8 or so hours later you're rock'n'rolling (or whatever beats are on your pod). The Solio even has its own battery for extra juice. Use that to run your mobile phone, ipaq or other various gadgets, not unlike... the Voltaic Solar Backpack except that it isn't as convenient to set up in the sun as the bag and judging by the size of the solar panels, is about half as powerful. The CO2 emissions from energy used to make your Solio have been offset through a treeplanting program, like GreenFleet (the one we mentioned for cars). And the precious metals required for the circuitry were purposely not sourced from the African Congo due to unethical labour practices. Built with recycled and recyclable materials. Way too much of a story to condense here. See the light on their website. Available for £49.99 or $89.99 ::Solio [by WM]