Solio Founder on CNBC Power Lunch

It’s a while since we’ve talked about the Solio – a portable charging device for all hand-held electronics such as iPods, cell phones etc. We did bring you a pretty complimentary product review back in 2005, and we also brought news of the Coldplay-branded Solio in the same year. For those of you wanting to learn more about this device, we’ve just come across this video of Chris Hornor, founder and CEO of Solio-manufacturers Better Energy Systems, talking about his product on CNBC’s Power Lunch. Not much new information here, but it certainly sounds like the Solio is spreading fast. Of course, powering an iPod through solar is not going to save the world, but it does raise the prospect of more personalised, distributed energy networks that may well be part of the solution. The Solio website also has some interesting information on the device’s applications in disaster relief efforts. ::Solio::via CNBC:: via YouTube::

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