Solel Solar System: Harnessing Some Sun In Israel


This is Ground Control to Major Tom. Just in: we heard Israelis are planning to build a solar power station on 2,250 acres in Israel’s Negev desert. According to Arutz 7, the preparation for the station is expected to take a year and the actual construction another two years, at which point it will become operational. The station will begin supplying 100 megawatts of electricity – enough to supply power for 200,000 people - and eventually is expected to have have an annual output of 500 megawatts – enough to meet the needs of 1,000,000 Israelis. Let’s hope the Bedouins get some of that sunshine power too! :: Arutz 7It’s about time- the power station will be constructed by the alternative energy company Solel Solar System Ltd- the same company that built and maintains the world’s largest solar power facility in California’s Mojave Desert.

The new facility in Israel will rely on hundreds of thousands of curved mirrors – each with a diameter of almost 20 feet and with a 4 inch diameter specially-insulated oil-filled tube, says Arutz 7.

Solel's website says: founded in 1992, Solel purchased most of the assets of Luz Industries- the developers and builders of three of the world's largest solar power plants. These plants, located in the Mojave desert in Southern California, produced 354 MW of solar electricity, accounting for 90% of the world's solar thermal power production. Solel thus became a major world player in solar thermal power.

(Confession: even though we love perpetuating the myth that EVERYBODY in Israel rides on camels, Israel is actually a very developed car-loving nation).

Solel company presentation here (PDF) ::Solel ::Arutz 7