Solartech Sunillumination


Maybe because we've covered Light Pipes once, twice and even three times before, Tipster Karl R. thought readers might be interested his start-up company, and its take on the concept. The company feels that daylighting technologies such as theirs are "a far more practical use of the sun's energy for lighting applications, producing 15 times the present solar cell efficiency with lighting as the end use of the suns' energy. Solartech uniquely uses sunlight directly for illumination without the inefficient initial conversion to electricity that solar electric systems demonstrate." They are claiming that over a five year period "Solartech units will eliminate more than ten million metric tons of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, greenhouse gases and other pollutants each year. " And pay for themselves in two years. This patented technology, needs additional funding before it can reach the point of commercialisation, though a one third scale prototype is operating as a proof of concept model. ::Solartech