SolarCity comes to 60+ Best Buy stores


SolarCity and Clean Edge on Monday released a survey showing that about 62% of American homeowners want to go solar (someday), but that most homeowners don’t even know that solar power costs have come down in the past few years. As I noted when discussing the survey, they haven’t only come down — they’ve fallen off an icy cliff. Solar panels cost about 50% what they cost a few years ago.

So, what is SolarCity doing about this? It’s meeting people where they go to buy conventional technology — Best Buy. Best Buy is “the world’s largest multi-channel consumer electronics retailer.” SolarCity will be informing customers about its offering in about 65 Best Buy stores to start.

For many customers, it’s really just a matter of becoming aware of solar’s low price. Even if they aren’t interested in putting down a lot of money for a solar power system that will save them tens of thousands of dollars within a couple decades, they will likely be interested in putting $0 down and then paying a lower electricity bill forever after. That’s SolarCity’s bread and butter.

The initial Best Buy locations in which SolarCity is setting up shop are in Arizona, California, Hawaii, New York, and Oregon.

Oh yeah, and if the potential to save tens of thousands or at least thousands of dollars isn’t enough for people, SolarCity is also offering customers a $100 Best Buy gift card if they sign up for solar service through Best Buy before Earth Day (April 22nd, 2014).

More information can be found on the new Best Buy SolarCity website.

SolarCity comes to 60+ Best Buy stores
The largest electronics retailer and the largest home solar company have teamed up to bring low-cost solar to more people.

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