Solarcentury Expands to Spain

Solarcentury is, by now, a familiar name to most TreeHuggers. We've reported on this leading UK solar energy company's "complete solar roof" (pictured), we've posted on their provocative response to the Stern Report, and we've even interviewed Jeremy Leggett, the company's founder (who also happens to be a leading author on peak oil, climate change and energy matters). Now we bring news of an announcement that Solarcentury is expanding internationally by opening an office in Spain. They are also looking into opening an office in France.

Interestingly, the company, which is better known for photovoltaics (solar electric) systems in the UK, seems to be pushing it's expertise in solar thermal for the Spanish market, as Leggett explains:

"We are very excited about the prospect for us in Spain both in terms of size and scope. We have worked on some of the most complex and largest solar projects in Europe, and believe our ability to offer experience and innovation in solar thermal projects will enable us to build a strong brand name here. The company has a fantastic challenge for the future and looks forward to both innovating and delivering projects in such a progressive market."

This emphasis on thermal is a direct result of new legislation from the Spanish government that every new home must incorporate solar water heating. Apparently Solarcentury's thermal tile is already set to be installed on over 100 Spanish homes by the end of the year. We are very encouraged to see such forward-thinking government legislation taking effect, and we hope to see the industry growing exponentially as other countries follow Spain's lead.

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