Solar4Schools: Solarcentury Launches UK Initiative for Solar Education


TreeHugger is very keen on initiatives that take clean technology, renewable energy and sustainability into the school environment. We've previously covered the beneficial educational effects of green schools in Pennsylvania, we've reported on the benefits and challenges of schools adopting wind power in Iowa, and we've looked at attempts to green school lunches in Chicago. Of course TreeHugger's very own Mr Luna is also famed for his Bright Idea to bring CFLs and energy efficiency into the school environment.

We're very excited, then, to see the launch of Solar4Schools in the UK, an initiative of TreeHugger regulars, and Ashden Award nominees, Solarcentury to supply and install part-funded solar panels on schools across the UK. The initiative is being launched following the appointment of Solarcentury by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to supply solar systems to public buildings, including schools, as part of its Low Carbon Buildings program.
The DTI will apparently be covering half of the cost of installing 4kWp systems at each school. According to Solarcentury, each system has the potential to save nearly two tones of carbon dioxide from being emitted annually. Solarcentury will provide the solar system, carbon and electric meters, and they will also be providing teaching packs for every school. Jeremy Leggett, Solarcentury's CEO, who we previously interviewed here, and who has recently been stirring up the perennial aviation debate here, welcomed the strong commitment of the DTI:

"Solarcentury is delighted to be part of the DTI's programme. We are excited to see the DTI committing to solar power. If schools and public buildings follow their lead they will find that solar in concert with energy efficiency can simply, immediately and dramatically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Photovoltaic technology is a widely available clean energy solution that is both very effective and requires little ongoing attention. Our 500+ systems across UK businesses, homes, schools and offices will be reducing C02 emissions by more than 25,000 tonnes over the next 20 years, and we stand ready to do many such installations."