Solar Widget by RoofRay Offers Solar Savings Estimates

roof ray widget image

RoofRay has put out an embeddable widget that lets users view rooftops in their area via satellite imagery, draw out a solar array on a certain rooftop, and get an estimate for installation of that array. Basically, it's their website in an embeddable format. It's a pretty cool way to make getting an estimate quick and easy. But it can also go into depth about what the drawn array will be able to do.

Check out the widget and give it a try after the jump.The widget came out as a response to user requests for speedy access to detailed estimates. So RoofRay's creator Chris Bura put out this widget that can be embedded on a website. The widget will hopefully help make solar feel more accessible or affordable to more people as an option for renewable energy for homes. Plus, it's a smart way to spread the word about RoofRay.

There is also a subscription-based version of the widget that can provide users a quote. That way the solar companies that use the widget on their sites can generate leads for new customers.

Via Earth2Tech
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