Solar Transforms School Performance in East Africa (Video)

solar aid school photo
Image credit: Solar-Aid

From the launch of SolarAid to the massive expansion of its SunnyMoney micro-finance operations, TreeHugger has been excited about this charity's work to harness clean technology for economic development. We've already seen a great video about how solar can be a life-saver for rural families. Now the charity has released another video, this time documenting the remarkable impact that solar can have on education and school performance. In the video, teachers and students from across East Africa document the difference that solar has made to their schools. One Tanzanian head teacher reports that his school jumped from being 336th out of 360 schools in their region, to 191st out of 574—and he attributes that success to increased study time for students as a result of electrification.

But beyond the usual stories of enabling students to study at night, there are less tangible benefits too. There is an obvious pride displayed by the interviewees as their schools shine out as beacons—in one case at least quite literally—for a cleaner, brighter, better educated future.

SolarAid | Where donations go | Schools from Brad Bell on Vimeo.

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