Solar Trailer Provides Power To Storm Victims


This Solar Trailer is owned by the Florida Solar Energy Center, and it is used to provide clean, quiet power to storm disaster victims. The trailer has a large, flat solar panel that charges several batteries during the day and is capable of delivering more than 2,500 watts of power over a 24-hour period. Over the past several years, the trailer has provided power for storm victims hit hard by severe weather and tornadoes from South Florida to Louisiana.

The man who runs the trailer, Bill Young, envisions a role for the PV trailer in every Florida county for emergency assistance. Although nearly 10 times the initial cost of a gas-powered generator of similar capacity, the he says it doesn't take long to recoup that investment.

"When you look at operating costs and lifecycle costs, this is cheaper because you don't have fuel," he said. "We don't have oil changes or maintenance or cylinders to rebuild. We replace the batteries about once every six years while some generators have to be rebuilt every 500 to 1,000 hours."

:: Via Unplugged Living

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