Solar Superheroes Wanted: Win a Trip to Africa (Video)

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Image credit: Ian Mansfield

From solar transforming school performance in East Africa to creating hundreds of solar entrepreneurs in developing countries, the work of Solar Aid tackles development, clean energy and climate change at the same time. They are also getting pretty innovative in their fund raising efforts too. Their latest effort sees them recruiting real live superheroes who can fly bikes, meditate underwater, throw offgrid parties, and even make it rain in England. It's impressive stuff. I wrote about Solar Aid's Hot 100 peer-supported fundraising efforts last year, but the video below gives a flavor of just how creative the supporters of this London-based charity are getting. In an age of Facebook and Twitter, the notion of a simple sponsored fun run seems a little old—so turning the creativity over to your supporters and seeing what happens is a great way to shake things up a little.

As mentioned in my original post, the elite group of Hot 100 fundraisers will each aim to raise at least $1000 for the charity by any means they see fit, and they will be supported along the way with regular pub meet-ups and other networking opportunities. They'll be motivated by the opportunity to win a trip to Africa too. Check out Solar Aid's Hot 100 page for more details.

SolarAid Hot 100 from Brad Bell on Vimeo.

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