Solar project development: There's an app for that.

Solar Site Design app
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Solar Site Design app Solar Site Design/Screen capture

With new apps popping up to meet just about every other need, it's only natural that solar installers and developers would eventually get their own app, and a new project from Solar Site Design appears to be leading the pack.

Solar Site Design (SSD) is a project management solution for solar professionals that has its own app that is said to help streamline the project development process by enabling mobile data gathering and uploading of project specs to the content management system. The data for all active projects is then available anytime, from anywhere, either with the app or through a web browser, so solar installers and sales professionals can access their files, even on the jobsite.

The app aims to reduce the soft costs of solar project development by streamlining the process for acquiring new customers and navigating the local utility permitting and paperwork procedure. Project professionals can input data, pictures, and video of the proposed solar site during project walk-throughs, and access it via the app or the website for further work on the project.

Users also have the ability to submit their data for a solar feasibility drawing from SSD engineers, which would show the maximum solar capacity at the site, and once the project gets the go-ahead, can have SSD come up with an engineering and permitting solution for it.

According to Ecobranding,

"Typically, installers will visit each site multiple times, and file permitting and municipality regulations in order to get all the requisite information for feasibility drawings. However, with SSD’s free application, installers are guided through a data collection process at their initial sales visit with home or business owners. Once all the data is synced to the Solar Site Design interface, SSD’s team of solar engineers look over the data and prepare a feasibility report for the installers. Depending on the scale of the project, the report can take between 2 and 5 business days. This technology reduces costs for contractors and makes it easier to acquire more customers."

Learn more at Solar Site Design, or get the app at iTunes or Google Play.

Solar project development: There's an app for that.
With an increasing number of people confessing to being "solar curious", quotes for solar PV systems may be in higher demand, and toward that end, solar professionals have a new tool at their disposal for project development.

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