Solar Powered Toilets Sprout in Dubai

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Between enthusing about the solar boom in the UK, and raving about portable composting toilets, it's fair to say that poop and power are two of my favorite topics. Now hear comes a story that combines the two nicely. Dubai—which is already developing Masdar, a solar-powered city in the desert —is also pursuing more down-to-earth clean energy applications. According to Your Olive Branch, Dubai is investing in solar-powered municipal bathrooms in an effort to enhance adoption of clean energy, that power lighting, hot water, pumps and appliances through the sun:

The solar-powered toilets are part of a bigger plan, Mr Al Fuqae said. Other possible initiatives include solar-powered swimming pools and solar panels for abattoirs.

"In the abattoir we use hot water for slaughtering the cattle," he said. "We have ideas for conducting this using the solar system. In Al Mamzar park swimming pool we are paying about Dh500,000 annually for the consumption of the electricity."

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