Solar-Powered Mailbox: Visible From Half a Football-Field Away

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Upon first thought, this seems like a silly invention. Who needs a solar-powered mailbox anyways? Then again, if you've ever been lost in the dark looking for a house in the middle of nowhere, you might appreciate an illuminated number that you can see "from half a football field away."

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The new "Guiding Light" mailbox, by Sharpe Products, Inc. just mounts on top of your mailbox with a simple saddle and charges with the help of a .03 minute amp panel. The saddle itself is made from plastic and tested to withstand days on end in the scorching sun and keep on going (too bad it's not made from recycled plastic). Having an illuminated house address is really helpful, but using something that takes batteries or electricity (fossil-fuel powered) is kind of a bummer, so while it seems silly to use solar panels on such a small gadget, your friends, firefighters and the local repairman will all thank you when they find your house on first glance.

Worried that the solar panel might not work in cloudy weather? No problem - 4 hours of charging will keep that number lit for 4 days continuously (and did we mention that you can see it from half a football field away?). So, maybe it won't work in areas in the extreme north where you have darkness for weeks on end, but most other locales should suffice.

You can find the Guiding Light mailbox light online starting October 1 and they retail for $79.99, which includes shipping and handling. :Guiding Light Mailbox (Note: Website will not be available until September 28, 2009).

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