Solar Powered Headlamp from Everlite


I always look forward to getting the new Mountain Equipment Co-op catalogue; they are a remarkable member-run organization, believing in ethical sourcing, product sustainability, offering PVC free alternatives and recycling polyester clothing into Eco-circle fibre. Of course, the catalogue is printed on Earth-Cote paper with vegetable inks. Every issue has more green products than the last.

One neat new idea is the Everlite solar headlamp; it has 5 LEDs and runs all night on a seven hour charge. No more worries about falling asleep with the Petzl on and running out of batteries. You can use the solar panel to charge other devices like your iPod or Blackberry, for that true away-from-it-all camping experience. ::Everlite via ::MEC Justin covered another Everlite product here.

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