Solar Powered Dog Sweater Gathers Power From Your Pooch (Video)

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How can you make your dog earn it's keep? Tape a solar cell to its sweater and add a battery pack to its collar, then send it outside. That's what Erik Schiegg has done with his Solar Dog prototype invention. Check out how your dog could be the solution to your charging woes.

You could use it to charge this:

Now that is some doggie heaven.

But seriously, this could be good for gathering extra charge while out hiking, so that you can be sure your GPS or flashlight works when you need it.

The bigger the dog, the bigger the surface space for a charge, so maybe it's a tie breaker for your conundrum of whether or not to get that Golden Retriever or that Yorkie you've been fawning over at the rescue center.

You can easily make your own by grabbing a roll of duct tape, some wiring, spare battery pack and solar cells, and adding it to your dog's sweater or hiking pack.

And it could help reduce your pet's carbon footprint - eventually, anyway, after the embodied energy of the solar cells are offset, if that ever happens. So in other words, it's a really cool idea, but unless you're making it yourself with reused solar cells and doggie sweater, it's not exactly green...just greener.

Might we be seeing these things in Petsmart one day? We could imagine so.

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