Solar Powered Cooking, Industrial Strength Model


World's largest Solar Steam Cooking System at Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh

We do go on about how packing people together in cities is more efficient and produces less carbon than low density development. Here is an example of how really packing them in leads to new opportunities. In India, they are using solar energy for cooking."Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (KREDL) is now promoting a solar-powered steam-based cooking system that suits apartments, hostels, big hotels and the institutions that take up mass feeding.....The system comprises parabolic-shaped reflectors, which focus the sun's rays on a particular point on an aluminium pipe through which water is made to pass through. The water heats and generates steam that passes through another pipe to be used for cooking purposes."

The article points out that this obviously only works in the daytime, but could significantly reduce demand for LPG (propane) that is the normal cooking fuel. It also says that the system is so efficient that it will pay for itself in two years. We hope to see it coming to steam tables near you soon. ::The Hindu

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