Solar-Powered Biodiesel Pump in Santa Cruz

This won't save the world, but it's nice to see that some people are going a bit farther than they need to, giving visibility to cleaner ways of getting things done and certainly inspiring others to go ahead with their projects. Jorah Roussopoulos and his girlfriend/business partner, Andi Rubalcaba, own Mountain Feed and Farm Supply, a shop that sells biodiesel, among other things. "This is a fuel for everyone, not just the hippies," he says. But what's special about his biodiesel set up is that it's powered by the sun: He "restored a red, 1939 gas pump with new measuring equipment, solar panel, hand-painted sign and 1,000-gallon fuel tub that looks like a giant whiskey barrel [...] assembled it all himself, he said, for between $5,000 and $6,000 [...] his fuel is straight from soybeans. But he soon wants to tap nearby restaurants and county farmers, too." A small thing for sure, but the day when everybody starts doing small things like that we'll be better off.

::A dream pairing for environment: Solar-powered biodiesel pump, via ::Green Car Congress