Solar-Powered Backpack Even Steve Jobs Would Wear

solar apple backpack image

Image via Yanko Design

Designing snazzy solar accessories has proven to be a tough job, judging by what we've seen come off of the drawing board. Normally, solar bags are rather clunky things that don't work all that well, with just a small handful of expensive exceptions. One designer has decided it's worth going into more brand-specific design, dreaming up something for those with Apple products. It uses both solar power and body heat to charge up devices.
This bag design by Seo Eul Hwa shown at Yanko Design features solar cells arranged as the logo for Apple, Inc., and is sized to fit an iPad. It looks like it is intended to harness not only solar power, but also body heat. It'd be great to be able to fill a battery from the warmth of your back. Unfortunately, it's also entirely unrealistic.

Still, the idea of branding bags with the solar cells used to charge them is interesting - gives the accessory some personality.

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