Solar Powered Air Conditioning Getting Real


Anybody in North America can understand the need for solar powered air conditioning today- there is so much sun, so much heat and everyone is hiding inside while all of our electric utiilities go into overload. On June 22, Matteran Energy fired up its new design for a low temperature system that produced 41 degree F temperature refrigeration using relatively warm water (160 degrees) right out of a common rooftop solar hot water heater. "This test was in preparation for demonstrating an air conditioner fueled by renewable energy sources. Our simple vapor cycle uses a venturi to produce the evaporation of refrigerant, and requires no compressor, no feedpump, & no absorption to cycle the process." Low grade heat like this is cheap and easy from a number of sources, including sun, geothermal, factory waste heat or burning just about anything.


It is a patented system developed by Jeff Sterling in Florida, and is called the Sterling Cycle, building on the 150 year old Rankine cycle. -watch the animation here. -we have watched it three times and can't figure it out. Jeff makes big promises: "This patented cycle utilizes renewable thermal energy at its most economically efficient collection temperatures. The cycle appears very promising for remote homes and small businesses. Low temperature thermal sources (solar, geothermal, co-generation, and OTEC) are projected to produce power for 10% of the cost of comparable photovoltaic (PV), or 50% that of concentrated solar and diesel power generation." We hope he is able to get into production soon! ::Matteran Energy