Solar Power to Reach Parity by 2015, New Study Claims

Solar Panel with Flare

photo by Chandra Marsono

Last week we reported on how wind energy was becoming more cost competitive in Spain. On the heels of that comes a new report about how solar generated electricity may reach parity with fossil fuel-generated power in a short time.The Utility Solar Assessment Study concludes that 2015 is the year where the practical and symbolic tipping point will be reached. Currently electricity from solar power costs 15-32 cents/kWh, is expected to decline to 8-18 cents/kWh by 2015, and continue falling to 4-8 cents/kWh by 2025, the report claims.

Granted there are a lot of variables that could shift that time scale one way or the other, but the overall message is positive. Provided investment in solar increases ($26-33 billion per year is required) the US could be generating 10% of its electricity from solar power by 2025, and doing it at a lower cost than from conventional fuel sources.

via :: San Jose Business Journal
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