Solar Patio Umbrella Lights Up the Night

day shade night light concept image

Images via Yanko

It seems like there's hardly anything new under the sun when it comes to solar power ideas these days. The Day Shade Night Light is one such design. The patio umbrella gathers sunlight during the day while providing shade, stores the energy in batteries in its stand, and provides a canopy of light during the evening. While not novel, the design does have some improved features over past ideas. We've been seeing similar designs since 2005 and earlier, so the idea itself isn't new. However, the slickness of the designs are definitely getting better.

For example, compare the Powerbrella:

powerbrella photo

Way less stylish than the canopy of solar cells made by the DSNL. And as for lighting, the soft illumination that comes from flexible OLED panels on the interior is much more stylish than this patio umbrella we found back in 2006:

solar umbrella photo

Plus, it looks like you can also hang the umbrella -- doesn't seem like a terribly useful feature, but it could come in handy if you want to get a stand out of the way during evening parties.

dSNL image

dSNL image

With the use of new technology like low energy OLED lighting, the solar canopy makes sense -- even with just a few hours of direct sunlight, the canopy can likely gather enough energy for several hours of evening illumination. The DSNL concept puts a nice modern edge on a fairly old idea.

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