Solar Panels on Sale at Supermarket

solar panel detail photo

Image credit: Andreas Demmelbauer, used under Creative Commons license.

Whether it's turning food waste into electricity, keeping bees near its stores, or launching city-wide electric vehicle charging, supermarket chain Sainsburys has been pushing the green angle hard. Now it's going to be selling solar panels at its stores too. According to Business Green, Sainsbury's move into the solar market is all part of a strategy to become "the number one destination for customers looking for new energy technologies." Shoppers at stores won't literally be able to drop solar panels in their trolleys along with their groceries, but rather sign up for installing solar, as well as receiving other energy saving advice.

As if the generous UK solar feed-in tariffs were not enough, customers will also be in line to receive 10,000 additional "Nectar" reward points for each solar installation—which should add up to quite a few groceries! It's yet further evidence that, despite recent uncertainty over government subsidies, solar is stepping firmly into the mainstream in the UK. See Sainsbury's Solar Power page for more details.

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