Solar New England Makes Solar Hot Water Cheaper For Residents


First installation for the Solar New England Project. Image via: Solar New England Project

Solar New England - See the Light, Feel the Warmth - is out to put solar hot water systems on at least 1% of the homes throughout New England. While this might not seem like a lot, they've managed to make the systems cheaper, and provide for many green jobs throughout the community.Currently 160 homes are already signed up to get evacuated tube solar hot water systems installed. Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are touted by the program as being more efficient and having a lighter impact on the earth than other systems. The systems are particularly effective for this northern climate because they work on overcast days and during cold weather, better than flat plate hot water collectors. Plus, the systems can be repaired without any special tools.

In addition, several local plumbing companies were trained under the New England program, giving green job skills to their employees and also keeping jobs in the community. When customers purchase the The project itself is a collaboration between several community organizations, including the New England Credit Union, Southern New England Landcare, TAFE New England Institute and Talloires Declaration Committee.

If you're not in New England, but are hoping to get photovoltaics installed, this neighborly system exists through a program called One Block Off the Grid. Neighbors can buy solar together, thus reducing the cost compared with purchasing solar individually. The first Solar New England home hot water system was installed this week and the program hopes to soon be installing way more than just the 160 currently planned. :Solar New England Project
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