Solar Micro-Spheres Catch 360° of Sunlight

In a clear departure from the design of most of the solar cells now available, Kyosemi's Sphelar® modules can harness the sun's energy throughout the day, without having to be moved to face directly in the direction of the sun's rays.

Part of the current compromise in solar panel installations is that most of them are fixed in place, which means that they only operate at peak efficiency for a small part of the day. But the latest innovation in solar technology comes in the form of spheres - micro-spheres, to be exact - which can continue to generate electricity even as the sun moves out of a direct line with the cells, something which standard flat panels can not do.

Kyosemi's Sphelar® domes consist of many tiny solar cells (1.8 mm across), arrayed in such a way as to be able to capture the sun's light from sunrise to sunset, without the need for costly motors to keep them pointed at the sun. These micro-spheres are said to reach an efficiency of 20%, outpacing most flat panel designs, and can be mounted on curved surfaces, which greatly increases the number of ways these cells can be deployed.

The cells are also manufactured in a unique way, using broken pieces of silicon that are melted down and formed into drops of a uniform size, which greatly reduces the waste involved in manufacturing them, which further distinguishes them from standard photovoltaic cell production.

Solar Micro-Spheres Catch 360° of Sunlight
An ingenious new solar cell design can capture the sun's energy from a full 360° around it, without having to adjust throughout the day.

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