Solar Lighting Takes Flight

These days, energy conservation can come in all sorts of forms...from wristwatches. Unique Arts tackles your back yard. This guy is a humming bird (if you can't tell from the pic), but the string of 14 LED lights also comes in dragonflies, or the basic bulb. The 35 inch cord can be wrapped around terraces, planting beds, fence accents, or, at my house, the apple trees lining the driveway. The solar panel comes with a "decorative solar rock," according to press material. A comment on a previous solar post suggested that solar lighting—where it is not necessary (and that would probably include outside) is "pointless consumption," and "overall bad for the earth"… At TreeHugger, we like solar. And we like conservation. When it comes to being seems to us that might just be human nature. Perhaps, with all the right elements, (solar, conservation) we are still on the right track. ::Unique Arts