Solar Hot Water: The Guardian Agrees With Us

Solartwin solar hot water heater.

Image courtesy of Solartwin

Only last month we were wondering why more houses don’t have solar hot water heaters – in fact, we were advocating that every house should have one. It seems others are agreeing with us, with Lucy Siegle over at The Guardian wondering why more UK households haven’t taken up this most accessible of micro-generation technologies. While she acknowledges that government grants can help encourage uptake, she points out that the system is notoriously difficult to navigate:

Grants are available from the Government's Low Carbon Building Programme, but I don't think it's unfair to say that the scheme has hardly been a resounding success. If you can work out how to apply for one, the grants allow you to choose from a handful of accredited suppliers (cynics say they are the most expensive solar fitters) to offset some of the cost of installation. A recent overhaul of the grant programme gives a munificent windfall of a whole 40p extra per household to fit domestic renewables. Spend it wisely.

For those wanting to rough it, you can always try building your own. But whether you go the DIY route or take the commercially installed option, we're pleased to see increased recognition of this 'forgotten' renewable technology in the media.

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