Solar Energy Incentives Approved In San Francisco

Sun peaking out from clouds over SanFran

photo by Brad Herman via flickr

We reported recently that the state of California is examining its solar subsidy regime (California May Tinker With Solar Subsidies). Well, while $9 million is tied up in state bureaucracy, San Francisco is just one mayoral signature away from jump starting solar development in the city.Earth2Tech has got the scoop, but it’s worth passing on the good news. San Francisco’s Solar Energy Incentive Program has finally been approved by the city board of supervisors and offers significant rebates for home owners and businesses who wish to install photovoltaic systems. The $3 million program is set to be the largest city solar promotion program in the United States.

So just how much will San Franciscans be able to get? Individuals will be able to get rebates of $3000 or $6000 for individual installations. Businesses will be able to received $10,000 rebates. A separate pilot program has also been preliminarily approved to assist non-profits and low income individuals.

Kudos to San Francisco. Now if we could just get some cities with greater natural solar potential to pass similar legislation. Phoenix? Albuquerque? What’s stopping you?

via :: Earth2Tech
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