Solar Dorm by Ross


No doubt the first thing you thought about, when getting to college, was how to harness the sun to charge your Powerbook, external monitor and mobile phone, right? No. Well, maybe you weren't Ross Nizle. By his own admission, an "avid reader of Treehugger" Ross wanted to get his teeth stuck into some alternative energy. Not being able to modify his dorm building, nor having access to the roof, he had to devise a clever solution. A weekend's work later and he had it. Voilà! -- a balcony-boosted power plant, right out of his own room. Ross has kindly provided us with details of his website, so we can share all the specs, and heaps of pics, with intrigued treehuggers. If Ross keeps up this good form we optimistically expect he'll soon be harvesting rainwater and composting on that balcony too. :-) Bravo Ross, just don't forget to attend lectures! ::Solar Dorm