Solar Cookers International's Ovens

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Here are some more alternatives to cooking with the sun's heat featured by Solar Cookers International, which complement our Cook With The Sun post from a few weeks ago. First, the CooKit is a panel-style solar cooker convenient for home and camping. It's made of cardboard and foil and it folds flat. You can get up to 200ºFs with it.
The Global Sun Oven is a solar box cooker made of molded plastic which weighs 21 pounds and comes with a carrying handle. It can heat up to 300ºFs.
And then there's the SOS Sport, a two-pot box cooker. The great thing about this one is that it's made from recycled soda bottles. It weighs 11 pounds and reaches 200ºFs. All prices and ordering instructions are on the website. ::Solar Cookers International.

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