Solar Cinema Takes Rural Kenya by Storm (Video)

solar cinema kenya photo

Image credit: SolarAid

I already knew that solar is a life saver in Africa, and that it can be a great way to boost school performance too. But it hadn't occurred to me that it is also a fantastic way to bring the joys of a good Jackie Chan movie to the masses. That, and some well-aimed education on the benefits of solar over fossil fuels. SolarAid may already be planing a three-fold increase in its micro-entrepreneurship programs, but for such efforts to be successful, there needs to be a market for their product. And that's where the Solar Roller comes in.

Housed in a converted mini-bus, the Solar Roller is a mobile touring cinema that gets its energy from the sun. Setting up in rural communities around Kenya, the touring movie house shows entertaining action movies, alongside education pieces about the benefits of using solar compared to kerosene for lighting. And because it's all powered by the sun, it offers a practical on-the-ground demonstration too.

SolarAid | Where donations go | Solar Roller from Brad Bell on Vimeo.

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