Solar Car Prototype from Ross Lovegrove


Ross Lovegrove, the renowned industrial designer (responsible for such products as the bamboo bike, the ceramic razor and the Orbit chair, just to name a few) has lots of different professional interests. He once told Wired, "How can I go from designing airline interiors to soap to bicycles? I fly three times a week, I use soap every night, and I need a bike, goddammit!" so we wonder how he came to design this concept car that will run exclusively on solar power. We're not sure how he plans to pull it off (it will be unveiled at the Salone Del Mobile Milano design show in Milan next week), though he had this to say: "This is a world where nature and technology fuse with man's ambition to achieve ultimate performance levels," adding that he has an "innate ability" to anticipate the future and lives by the motto "it is only the future if it can't be made," so if anybody can do it, Lovegrove is our man. He's getting some high-profile help from Sharp Solar Europe, Swarovski Optical Laboratories, General Motors and Coggiola, the automobile prototype specialist based in Turin. Wonder what he'd tell Wired, or anybody else, about this latest venture...::Born Rich via ::Jalopnik