Solar Briefcase: Inappropriate Technology?

OPTI Solar briefcase

OK, so I admit that the title may be a little bit misleading, but after writing about solar powered LED lanterns destined for places where having a little bit of light at night means sucking in kerosene fumes, this one seems a bit over the top. What am I talking about? A solar "briefcase" to charge all your electronic time-wasters (cough) lifestyle accessories, or your spare laptop batteries, for the mere price of $1500.Made by OPTI Solar and available in the US market later in the year, this 11lb solar briefcase consists of an integrated solar panel and bank of Li-ION battery chargers. It can charge devices requiring up to 75W of power and is designed to accept just about any electronic doohickey you like.

While I'm a big fan of personal solar battery chargers and integrating solar charging into a product's design this briefcase somehow doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps it makes sense if you're going on some expedition and need to charge batteries for multiple people, but it just seems like overkill for the individual. Green Bling is still Bling.

Thoughts? I'm willing to be convinced I'm overreacting.

via :: EcoGeek and :: TG Daily
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