Solar Blossom Pop Up Art Gallery Powered By the Sun

solar blossom gallery image

Images via Demarco Architecture

Outdoor art galleries can do more than just house beautiful creations. They can also be a way to promote sustainability and renewable power. DeMarco Architecture came up with the Solar Blossom, a proposal for a pop up art gallery that is powered by solar and is inspired by the Bluebonnet flower. With a subtle curve that creates a lovely space for visitors to view art, as well as a surface area that collects sunlight and powers lighting systems and multi-media displays for the viewers. EcoFriend notes that the proposal for Art Week Austin is intended to educate patrons on the potential of solar power. Inspired by a local native flower, it also hopes to reconnect the urban space with its natural surroundings.

The Solar Blossom can display wall mounted, suspended or free standing art. The slope also makes for great acoustics should it be used as a stage for an outdoor music event, making it a wonderfully versatile structure.

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The designers plan for it to be built from recycled steel, and the thermoplastic panels are mounted to a substrate that attaches to the skeleton framing. Easy to set up and perfect for festivals and short term events.

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