A social network for the solar-curious consumer

geostellar screenshot image© Geostellar

Do you dream of a solar-powered home but feel intimidated by the complicated web of financing, government incentives, and neighborhood limitations? Calming your trepidation could be as simple as joining a new social network.

At the Interactive portion of this year's SXSW festival, Geostellar launched The Sustainable Energy Network: an online tool that provides advanced simulations and social encouragement for the adoption of solar power and energy efficiency.

Every home has a unique combination of energy demands, solar potential, utility rates and incentives. Geostellar's advanced simulation platform provides an instant, free and independent analysis of each and every home’s potential to take advantage of programs to reduce costs and carbon pollution.

Simply enter your address, and adjust the resulting Google map so the pin rests squarely on your roof (works for apartment buildings too!) Once you've selected your dwelling, the tool shows exactly how much "money, power, or glory" could be yours by installing a home solar system.

Estimates are to the dollar, and there's a handy breakdown of total out of pocket costs versus savings, including government tax incentives and rebates. The intuitive social platform also helps homeowners share expertise and encouragement and to promote the successful deployment of solar energy and energy efficient technologies.

“Every neighborhood has a solar enthusiast. Geostellar gives that person a way to encourage their neighbors to deal with ever-rising electric bills by switching to solar,” said Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison and an advisor to Geostellar. “After years of confusion and obscurity around home energy opportunities, Geostellar’s Sustainable Energy Network makes those choices simple, transparent, and accessible.”

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