Slashing Solar Costs: Group Purchasing for Cheaper Energy

1BOG solar purchasing image

Image credit: 1Bog

From solar shingles to solar thermal water heating, there's no doubt many of us greenies covet the idea of creating at least some of our own energy. The trouble is, it can be an expensive and intimidating process. That's why Matthew's coverage of 1BOG solar group purchasing in San Diego was so exciting—encouraging neighbors to group together for reduced cost and mutual support in greening their neighborhood. And now the idea is coming to LA. By grouping households together to leverage their collective purchasing power, 1BOG (or One Block Off the Grid) helps homeowners leverage better rates—in fact the organization claims it can offer solar in LA at $5.56 per watt, or 23% less than the average rate.

Working with SunWize energy, 1BOG is also offering an online solar estimating tool to "get a detailed, real-time estimate of the cost and payback of a solar investment for a specific home, within one minute. Working with 1BOG's pre-set pricing and product details, 1BOG's Online Estimate Tool takes into account federal, state and local Los Angeles rebates and incentives as well as the tilt, orientation and shading of each homeowner's specific roof."

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