SkyFuel Making Solar 25% Cheaper

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Image via SkyFuel

While some companies like Ausra and BrightSource are busy building solar power plants, and other companies like Morgan Solar pound down the door of next-gen solar technology, SkyFuel is quietly and diligently chipping away at the inefficiencies of existing technology to bring us better solar power capabilities. In fact, they believe their products can reduce the cost of a solar system by 25% - all with one special material. Essentially the secret to SkyFuel's efficiency jump is in the material with which they make their parabolic troughs. Their ReflecTech film material can bring down the cost of a new solar array by as much as 25%.

But the company's efficiency doesn't stick with just their product, but also in how they work within the industry. Rather than rush to build power plants and sign companies up for purchase agreements, or dash to get funding for untested tech, SkyFuel wants to be the inner workings of solar power plants — the product on which other companies rely because they have a great product.

SkyFuel's VP of business development, Christopher Huntington says: "We're like Intel, with Intel inside powering the technology,"

This way not only can they find themselves a niche, but also keep capital costs low and therefore help keep their prices down. They also don't have to stretch resources by trying to run their own power plants.

Making solar as cheap as possible is the path to switching to solar as a renewable energy source. Looks like SkyFuel has their eye on the big picture, and will hopefully help us get to our goal through savvy business practices.

Via Earth2Tech
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