Rob Hopkins on Solar Living: More Interesting, Connected and Satisfying

Solar Connects You to the Seasons
Earlier this week I shared my experiences of installing solar water heating, and included a quote from Transition Towns founder Rob Hopkins about the silliness of talking about payback times. Now Rob has written a follow up post about his own experiences with solar water heating in which he reveals that he is taking his solar exploits a little further, in that rather than setting the system up to provide top-up heat with fossil fuels automatically when there's insufficient sun, Rob's system is set up so he has to make an active choice to use backup heat. Besides obviously increasing his fuel savings, Rob reckons it also connects him with the seasons:
"What I like about having solar panels (especially when you try, as we are doing, to not use the gas as a top up, using hot water when we have it and doing without when we don't) is that it is one of those self-imposed restrictions which actually makes life far more interesting, connected and satisfying. I am coming to feel more in tune with what the weather is doing, more connected to the seasons and the world around me (in much the same way that having a garden does)."

Being one for long showers early in the morning, I am not quite sure I am ready to take this extra step to frugality just yet. But if fuel costs keep rising

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