Reware Juice Bag - once more with solar

Used to be that finding a half decent solar charger was harder than locating the Holy Grail. These days they (Voltaic, Scott, Solarstyle, Eclipse, and Solio) seem to be growing on trees. And soon to join the orchard is Reware's Juice Bag. A hybrid daypack/shoulder bag, it sports about a foot square of photovoltaics for getting electricity into your mobile cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, GPS, portable video game, digital camera, digital camcorder. And, it seems, even some laptops. If the bright golden orb is hiding behind some clouds or has gone to visit the other half of the planet you can plug the bag into a vehicle's cigarette lighter. Reware cite their goal as being "to bridge the gap between what is and what should be." Via worldchanging who found it at Christian Science Monitor. Or go direct to ::Reware [by WM]