Reader Question: Any Opinions on Bluelink Solar?


A reader who would rather remain anonymous wrote: "Thank you for all the informative and interesting information you guys provide at your site. I am currently enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and have deployed several times to Iraq - probably not your usual reader, but I just want to let you all know you are doing a good deed. I have seem many environmental damage when being in the military, as in deployed areas gas generators are widely used (and they stink). This is most likely why I am all for renewable and clean energy and love your guys site." More after the jump."I am even taking ya'lls advice to conserve and create energy, I live in a small apartment - and I usually use no more than 200 watts per hour average each day; I am planning on buying a Bluelink solar array from It is the 480 watt model ($5,000) which will help me reduce my impact on the environment. If you guys have had any feedback on this system - or the company, I am more than willing to hear any suggestions. Also if you guys know of any better deals - let me know, heh. Thank you guys for everything."

Thank you for writing, Mr. Anonymous! It is always nice to hear from people who are working in fields that are not traditionally associated with treehugging. If sustainability is to go mainstream, these barriers have to be torn down!

Dear readers, please leave your suggestions and share your experience in the comments below.