Q&A;: How Do You Like Your Solar Panels?


A TreeHugger fan here in our hometown of Newport, RI recently wrote to us inquiring about solar panels. We directed him to a local company but also wanted to post his question for all of you out there who currently have solar panels.
Will C. writes: Hey Kara, We have been discussing how nice solar power sounds for our new home. Now it is great to talk about how great solar power is but where can we go to get info from people who have solar panels on their house? Do they like it? I would love to hear what they had to say, their solar success stories, and how many people are starting to slide off the grid. I figured I would write drop you a line to see if you knew anyone or if you knew of a place where we could talk with someone.
Oh boy do we know people - we think you might have asked advice from the right place.