Powerfilm and ICP Mobile Solar Panels


After our recent post on Brunton mobile solar panels, reader Yogi wrote in to tell us about something he likes better. "Brunton's really somewhat on the expensive side financially and a bit feeble power-wise," he says. Here's what we found out about the products Yogi recommends: Lightweight, powerful, and durable, Powerfilm gives you what you need in 5, 10, or 20 watts. And since it's made from natural silicon, its more roll-able than some other types, but retains the ability to fully power 12V systems, wireless electronics, and all sorts of batteries. Yogi also likes ICP Solar Technologies, which offers a variety of stuff, including portable solar chargers for cell phones, PDAs, and other small electrical appliances; power on-the-go for boats, RVs, trucks, cars, and motorcycles; and backup power for homes and cottages. Thanks for the tip, Yogi! ::Power Film by Iowa Thin Film Technologies ::ICP Solar Technologies [by MO]