Peer-Supported Fundraising Goes Solar in SolarAid's Hot 100

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From transforming school performance with solar-powered electrification, to saving lives by displacing kerosene lamps, UK-based SolarAid is one of those charities that we TreeHuggers can't help but love. And it seems we're not alone—in fact SolarAid announced earlier this year that it was planning a three-fold ramp up of its solar development and micro-enterprise efforts. Now the charity is looking to form a small group of elite supporters (aka solar super heroes) to instigate a major fundraising push this year, with participants being eligible to win a trip to Africa to see their efforts put into action. Do you have what it takes to join the SolarAid Hot 100?Clearly banking on the idea that friendly competition and support from your peers can be a great multiplier, SolarAid is forming the Hot 100 fundraising team. The idea is to recruit just one hundred individuals, each of whom commits to raising GBP1000 (about US$1600) over the next 12 months by any means they see fit—whether it's a sponsored bike ride or canoe trip, pub quiz nights, or organizing a yard sale.

Along the way, participants will be invited to meet up with fellow challengers at regular pub nights, and one of the team will win a trip to Africa to see how SolarAid is spending the money they raise.

It's a pretty smart way of fundraising in the age of Facebook. Rather than racking their brains for the next "big event" idea, or trying to come up with yet another color of ribbon that people might be choose to wear, SolarAid's fundraising team has clearly decided to put its faith in the intelligence, drive and ambition of its supporters. They also seem determined to have some fun along the way.

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