Orange's Futuristic Solar Tent for Stylish Off-Grid Charging

orange solar charging tent image

Images via Orange

Taking their Chill-n-Charge tent to a whole new level, Orange has dreamed up a concept solar tent that would use flexible solar fabric and modern design to create a place to relax and charge up gear while off grid. Check out images of the concept tent and how it would work. Good Clean Tech pointed out that the concept "could rock Glastonbury many years from now." We're hoping it's sooner rather than later because the tent idea is pretty slick (though realistically we're looking at later).

It depends on the advancement of technology that would weave solar threads into conventional fabric to capture the sun's energy in a non-obtrusive way. Three shells would be adjustable to maximize exposure throughout the day.

orange solar fabric image

Revolutionary photovoltaic fabric contains interwoven solar threads to capture the sun’s energy

A central wireless control hub would show the energy generated and consumed, and provide a wifi signal. Wireless charging pouches would charge cell phones and handheld devices via magnetic induction (which would hopefully be much more efficient then than it is now).

And a final trick to make this extra cool - users would be able to find their tent at night by sending it an SMS message or using RFID technology to make it glow .

orange glocation solar tent image

Using SMS or active RFID the Concept Tent glows to notify inhabitants of its location

A very stylish way to go off-grid, though that's not to knock the wind-and-solar powered tents Orange and gotwind currently boast at the Glastonbury Music Festival each year.

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