Nomad Solar Lamp Makes Off-Grid Lighting Easy

nomad solar lamp off grid© Alain Gilles

For people living off the grid, solar powered lighting is a great option. It's safer than kerosene and only needs to be outside in nice weather to power up. The idea behind Alain Gille's Nomad Solar Lamp is that it's light and easily transported, so it can be placed outside in the sun during the day, then brought back in at night to light up a room.

nomad solar lamp off grid lighting© Alain Gilles

Outfitted with a five watt solar panel and two lithium-ion batteries, the Nomad can pump light out through its 12 LEDs for up to six hours. The handle on top makes it easy to carry and hang from the ceiling, and it's tough enough that it won't break if dropped.

Great for developing countries with limited access to reliable electricity, the Nomad can also be used as a camping accessory, or by anyone who wants to keep their utilities bill down and reduce their carbon footprint.

nomad solar lamp© Alain Gilles

Gilles was commissioned to create the lamp by O'Sun; the Belgian designer expects it to be manufactured in China or South Africa. It is being presented at the Milan Furniture Fair this month.

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