New Thin-film Solar Cell Coater Reaches 1GW Annual Output

What your watching above is a new thin-film coater from Nanosolar in action. The San Jose-based company calls the machine a "milestone in solar technology" and while usually such language is standard PR hyperbole, considering that 10-30MW in annual production through other methods is usual, the 1 gigawatt annual throughput of this coater really is a cut above.Nanosolar says the way in which it can achieve such high levels of production is through its proprietary nanoparticle ink, which allows them simply print their highly efficient (up to 14.5%) solar cells at rates up to 100 feet per minute.

The cost of the coater is $1.65 million, which is significantly less expensive that vacuum process tools, as well as being much faster in operation.

Nanosolar began shipping its first panels last December.

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