New Solar Thermal Factory Opened in Las Vegas, Triples Worldwide Manufacturing Capacity

Welding Solar Thermal

Factory welding video grab courtesy of Ausra

While Ausra CEO Robert Fishman was far from excited yesterday about the BLM solar moratorium policy, he was perfectly happy to tout his company's new 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Las Vegas.

"This is a crossover point for this industry. Ausra's factory is accelerating Nevada's and America's solar future by tripling worldwide manufacturing capacity, relieving the supply constraint that has slowed the industry, and continuing to drive down costs," Fishman said in Ausra's press release.
The factory will be the Palo Alto-based companies first North American manufacturing and distribution centers and will supply reflectors, absorber tubes and other components for the company's solar thermal power plants. At full capacity, the facility will produce more than 700 MW of solar collectors annually.

:: Ausra
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