New Solar Powered iPhone Charger from Sollight

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Images via Sollight

For iPhone or iTouch users looking for another way to access the sun to charge up your gear, SolLight has put out a product with some potential - the SOLiCharger. Like most solar chargers out these days it has some nice pros, and bummer cons. Read on for details and a slideshow.The SOLiCharger is nice and compact and lightweight - great features for a solar charger, many of which can be bulky and ugly. It fills up with four hours of sun - while not super speedy, that's a very reasonable amount of time. It means you can put your charger in the window while you work and have a full charge at the ready when you want it. Here's the catch: The full charge for the SOLiCharger is only enough for a 50% charge for the iPhone. Disappointing.

Of course, it can also act as simply a back-up battery pack, charging from your laptop or other Apple charging cords, though the point is to use the sun as much as possible.

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Sometimes you can tell whether or not a solar gadget will be junk based on the price tag. This one retails at $40, which is very middle of the road for something so small. Since we haven't had a chance to test it out, we're not sure if this is worth the $40, especially since that only gives you half a charge for your iPhone or iTouch.

At any rate, it's an option for you to try out if you're willing. They put their product description into a handy dandy slideshow:

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