New Solar Bags from Voltaic


Voltaic solar bags and TreeHugger go way back. In fact, they both sort of grew up together, like kids living next door to one another. TH just recently passed the milestone of 2000 posts. Now it’s Voltaic’s turn for a celebration. Taking the technology and slick design, which made the original pack so popular (that it became a case study in the power of blogs), they have morphed the concept into 3 new bags. One is a Daypack, smaller than the initial backpack. Then there’s the Pouch, smaller again and uniquely designed such that it can be used as daypack or stow the shoulder straps away and carry it shoulder bag style, with your laptop inside a fully padded shell. Plus it can attach to the back of most larger rucksacks to provide solar juice on remote trips. And finally the Messenger, a more traditional format laptop bag. All sport the same ... ... config of 3 solar panels, giving 4 watts of charging grunt, suited to refueling your mobile phone (digital or satellite), PDA, GPS, iPod and even digicam. Alas notebook computer batteries are too demanding at this time. 11 adaptors come with each bag to connect to most of the above gizmos. If the sun don’t shine, you can always use the included AC or car DC charger to fill the bags’ Li-ion battery. All bags sell for $229. (disclaimer - the founders of both Treehugger and Voltaic are buddies.) ::Voltaic


The bags' logo glows when
the battery is picking up a
charge from the sun.